T- 34 Weeks

Appointment number 1 is done and out of the way.  Results came back and my hormones were super good and high.  The little one decided to stick around.  YES!

Next week is the first time we are going to check for a heartbeat.  I’m really hoping we find a strong one.  In all the literature I’ve been reading, it’s not really common to find a heartbeat before week 8… and at my next appointment, I’ll have JUST reached that 8 week mark.

Funny story: we told my mother-in-law that I was pregnant, and of course she was thrilled. My husband and I started talking about our preferred gender for the first baby, and plans for the nursery… and out of left field, my husband says, “At least we know it won’t be twins, because they don’t run in our families.”  My mother-in-law looked at my husband and paused, and then she said, “Well, that’s not true.”  She proceeded to name the people on their side of the family who have had twins naturally… I was impressed.  Now, my husband is terrified that we will have twins; even a joking comment or the casual mention of it makes him a little stressed.  And because of my mother-in-law’s comments, we’re holding off on buying the stroller and furniture until we know for certain.


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