T- 33 Weeks

This week, all my OCD came out, which is really interesting because I don’t normally suffer from OCD.  I guess you can call them “Personality Spasms” instead of OCD.  Yeah, I like that better…

So this week, I felt pregnant, beyond a shadow of doubt.  I was moody, nauseated, HUNGRY, tired, sore… wash, rinse, repeat (x2 on the hungry).  I can smell things that I’ve never been able to smell before, and I have an aversion to almost all of those smells.  Certain foods don’t sound appetizing, I have to stay away from foods I used to love because they give me heartburn or indigestion, and anything garlic is out.  So far, so good with the skin and face (no breakouts) and we’ve started exercising.

We had a setback with the nursery furniture… and now we literally have to go back to the drawing board and plan out the nursery.  Our round bookcase feature we were planning on doing was not going to fit in our room once we added the crib, dresser, and rocker/recliner.  Ugh.  At least we have plenty of time to get the nursery completed.

Our appointment went great!  We heard the heartbeat and found the little ‘mighty mini’.  It was 0.67 inches long (which is three times the size of “normal”, and it had a heartbeat of 129 bpm.  Our chances of miscarriage went down to 10%!  The next visit is in a couple weeks, and if everything goes well, our miscarriage % will go down to 5%.  That’s the lowest it will be for the duration of the pregnancy.  After week 9, we’ll tell people.


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