T- 26 Weeks

Oh, the shame I feel for not writing in my blog for four weeks, but sometimes that’s life… I’ve felt a massive energy drain this past month, and I’ve not wanted to do anything. ANYTHING.  My couch has become my best friend, offering me solace in my lethargy, but that’s starting to change, thankfully.

We had our 12 week check up with the doctor a couple weeks ago, and we’re still all good!  All my blood work is fine, the baby looks great, and I’m starting to feel better.  The doctor said that the baby is about a week ahead of the ‘norm’ in growth, so that’s kind of cool.  It has little arms and legs and moves around a lot.  We decided not to do the early genetic testing to check for disabilities and disorders; we figure that we’re still going to love the kid even if it comes out with the disabilities and disorders.  We’ll still do the blood work at week 16… which is right around the corner!  And we also get to find out the gender!

All the books and people say that this is about the time that I should start feeling little tingles or butterflies in my gut or stomach (the baby kicking), but I haven’t gotten that yet; at least not that I know of.  Playing sports from a young age and public speaking have taught me to compress those feelings when they arise.  I HAVE started feeling better, so I’ve started exercising.  I have these little apps on my iPad that walk me through arm, leg, butt, cardio, and some stretching exercises.  They’re alright but not great.  I miss being active, and I miss my old body.  I used to run, but that’s not a good idea for me right now.  Chad (husband) and I are going to join a gym near us so we can start swimming.  Walking is okay, but it hurts my back because of my leg length inequality, and I can’t go to the chiropractor to fix that right now.  I’m very excited to start swimming!

I can feel my hormones taking over sometimes.  Watching TV at night, a touching story will send me right over the edge and I’ll start crying.  Chad is supportive, though, and only laughs at me occasionally (kidding).  And, my body keeps changing.  I thought that my boobs would stop growing… Oh no, I was sorely wrong about that.  Literally, I was sorely wrong.  And bra shopping sucks!  Chad and I spent an entire day bra shopping for me.  My favorite bra so far is the Maidenform Dreamy Comfort pillow soft wire with extra coverage.

While all this was happening in my world, Chad’s world is a little different.  Not sure if I shared, but we got him a mountain bike.  He love’s it.  It’s the Trek Excalibur 6 with hydraulic disc brakes.  He’s found several trails in the area that challenge him; one of which has a jumps course.  Well, a couple weeks ago, Chad decided to relive his youth and try the jumps course (which is not meant for a full mountain bike, more meant for BMX bikes).  A jammed hand, bruised shoulder, bruised ribs, and scraped knees later, he texted me with, “Chad fall down go boom”.  Yep, one child on the way and he’s trying to kill himself… perfect.  If our child is a boy, I’m in for a world of hurt.  Well, not me… them.  They will be in the ER, at CareNow, and Dr. Mom’s clinic non-stop; I have no doubt.


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