T- 14 Weeks

26 Weeks

Day 186, but not that I’m counting… I have an app that does that for me.  I giggle every time I say, “there’s an app for that,” because it’s so indicative of the time we live in.  But that’s off topic.  These past couple weeks have been filled with concern for the family dog.  Oh, the dog.  Her name is Ruthie, and she’s 14 (rounding 15), and she’s been mine since 2001 when I rescued her from the Humane Society of North Texas, which was a euthanize shelter at the time.  She’s my first dog.

I understand that dogs are super sensitive to changes.  I’m sure that Ruthie knew I was pregnant way before I knew.  She probably senses that things are a-changing ’round the Recer household… Chad and I are spending more time on the couch (because of me) and with each other, we spend lots of time in the baby’s room getting it ready, and I sleep way more than I used to.  All the hormones from pregnancy probably makes me smell different to Ruthie, too.  I wonder if she can hear the baby kick and move around in my belly…  

After Sedona, we picked up Ruthie from grandma’s house and life continued as normal.  But Ruthie wasn’t eating like she normally had (she’s a bloat eater), and that was odd.  Then, her eating slowed even further… and then she stopped eating.  She didn’t eat at for about a week after we got back from Sedona.  Chad finally made her cheesy scrambled eggs, and she ate them with some coaxing.  Really, we had to coax our dog to eat people food.  I was right behind her watching her eat the eggs, and then she stopped and looked at me.  I told her to keep eating, but she just started shaking.  Chad picked up the eggs and hand-fed her, which she liked and ate.  Then, I picked up some eggs to feed her by hand… NOPE, she just looked at me and started shaking again.  It was me!

I felt so mad, and upset, and hurt, and confused… it was me who was causing my dog stress enough not to eat.  I cried and cried when I realized that Ruthie wasn’t eating because of me.  I’m not ready for her to die; that would be too much for me to handle while pregnant.  And with all that I’m already worrying about, do I need to worry about my dog, too? 

Well, this story has a happy ending, thankfully.  We switched her food to the very palatable Kibbles n Bits American Griller, which is supposed to taste more like people food.  Chad feeds Ruthie now, and I’m not allowed near the kitchen while she eats.  She still doesn’t eat like she used to, and it might take her a couple days to finish a bowl of food, but at least she’s eating!!!  


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