T- 13 Weeks

27 WeeksWow, our baby is really moving!  I’m sure he’s been moving all this time, but now I’m really starting to feel every kick, punch, and elbow.  I can even see him moving through my skin. The best analogy that I have to this movement comes from the movie Hellboy.  At the end of the movie, Rasputin is about to have Ogdru Jahad unleashed from his body and all the tentacles from the Behemoth start to pulse under Rasputin’s skin.  Okay, okay; so it’s not really that noticeable 🙂  but that’s what I think of every time i start to see my belly move.  Plus, we’ve started to notice that he moves to certain sounds.  He likes the music of Florence + The Machine, string bands (like quartets and violinists), and Rap/Hip Hop that has a good, strong bass.  My husband recently played the Ying Yang Twins, and our boy went wild.  Oh, and since last week, my cute little belly button has started to become an outie… 😦


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