T- 2 Weeks… Kinda

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSo much has been happening in the last couple weeks; I had a birthday, we saw the doctor twice, and we had a baby shower.  For a lady who’s 9 months pregnant, that’s a lot of things happening all at once 🙂

Seeing the doctor twice consisted of taking the baby’s measurements, and then doing it again.  So, our doctor took the baby’s measurements and came up with 8.1 pounds, meaning that our baby is in the 97% of babies size.  Our doctor said that she generally doesn’t see babies this large, so we set up an appointment with the doctor and the sonographer.  Our follow up appointment showed that our baby got bigger by almost a pound.  SO, that means we’re expecting a 10 pound baby, and our doctor is pretty sure that our baby will stick with me until his due date of 11-14.  Thank god for drugs!

My birthday was a ton of fun.  Chad went to go ride his bike, so he dropped me off at the nail salon.  I love getting pedicures.  Then, he took me to the Melting Pot; one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the world!  Cheese = Heaven!  And I got a new toy; iPad Air!!!  Woohoo!  We also had a separate dinner with Chad’s family; Mexican food, which is always good.

I’ve been playing with all our loot from our baby shower.  I’ve assembled pretty much everything… even if it’s not something that our kid will use immediately.  All his clothes are washed and put away, the nursery is completely set up, all his feeding supplies are organized, the bathroom is ready; yep, we’re all set!


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