T- 3 Days and Counting

I’m so tired!  My ribs hurt, my pelvis hurts, I’m all sorts of discombobulated because my allergies are over acting and making me feel bad.  I have pain in my back, but I’m not sure if that’s just from all the walking we’ve been doing and regular activity or if it’s labor.  I’m sure we’ll find out tomorrow.  This time, I don’t get to feel bad.

My awesome husband has the flu… just in time, right?  I made a venture out to Walgreen’s by myself today because my giant baby of a husband can’t move off the couch.  Maybe I went overboard with purchasing sickly products, but it’s not like we have a stockpile of them at our house.  It’s better to be prepared for every scenario than not prepared enough, right?  C’mon, I’m practicing for motherhood!  I bought the following: AlkaSeltzer flu day&night, Mucinex, VapoRub, sugar free cough drops, Advil, Pepto Bismol, antibacterial hand soap, new toothbrushes, and Gatorade.  I have no shame.

I had to lay down a couple of ground rules for my husband, because he’s a little abrasive when he’s sick.  Rule #1: you’re not allowed to criticize the person taking care of you.  Rule #2: you’re not allowed to complain about how much money your ’10 month’ pregnant wife spent at Walgreen’s when you sent her shopping by herself.  I even forgot to get myself deodorant because I was too focused on getting medicine for my ailing husband.  I told Chad that if his fever didn’t break by tonight that he would end up at CareNow.  The last thing I want is to deliver our baby by myself because Chad was too big of a baby to go to the doctor.  That would be, like, a lifetime of me resenting him, or something.


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