Day 7

IMG_0411Today was an absolutely beautiful day!  We decided to get you out of the house for a walk around the neighborhood park.  We walked a little over 1 mile.  If you had kept your eyes open, you would have been able to see the park where you’ll spend hours playing in the coming years.  Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty more chances to check out the park on future walks.

We’ve gotten into a bathing routine with you.  Every day you get a wipe down/sponge bath, and every other day you get a full bath.  FYI, you pee every time we put you in the tub.  We still have to be careful with your little belly button nub, because it hasn’t fallen off yet.  We even had to buy extra newborn diapers because they have the belly button cut out.  Your circumcision is pretty much healed, but we continue with the vaseline treatments to be on the safe side.

Your dad has started calling you “hand socks” because I put mittens on you.  You like to grab your ears and scratch your face when you’re fussy, so we take every measure to ensure your little face stays beautiful and scratch-free.  Your little fingernails are so long and we haven’t gotten up the courage to cut them yet.  You also like regular socks just like your dad.


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