Day 11

IMG_0430Aren’t you so cute! Dad took you on a long walk today while I got my hair done.  In total, you and Dad walked 4.5 miles around the Galleria.  Dad was worn out by the time I was done with my hair appointment, which ran 45 minutes long.  Let’s just say that I won’t be going back to that stylist.  You were a champ in the stroller until Dad stopped to try on some clothes… then all hell broke loose.  You started crying and dad didn’t have a pacifier. After dad changed your diaper, you were better… but only for a little while.

After the Galleria, we had to book it back home to go see mom’s doctor.  Everyone at the office was really impressed at how big you were, and Dr. Holt was glad to see that you were doing really well.

We spent the rest of the night trying to relax because it had been such a hectic day.  We watched Dancing With The Stars until it was interrupted by the breaking news from Ferguson, MO.  Today was the day that a grand jury delivered a verdict not to indict a police officer in the shooting of an unarmed man.  Some people compared this event to what happened in 1992 with the LA riots and Rodney King.  While our politics will stay within our family, your dad and I think CNN did a really good job of covering the story as it unfolded.  I just wanted you to know that this was part of history.

You had some really bad gas last night, so we had a rough night.  You were awake pretty solidly from 1am to 6am.  Dad’s picking up some baby GasX today to solve that problem.  I really wanted to get some sleep after the stressful day we had, but we can sleep later 🙂


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