Day 12

IMG_0441Today was your first Chelsea UEFA Champions League game out of the womb.  We played Shalke (a German team) at Shalke and won 5-0.

Today was also the first day that your dad wasn’t with us all day long.  Dad had to go into work for some meetings, so we hung out at the house all day.  You cried almost the entire time.  Because you were awake almost all night long, I was going to try and take a nap when you fell asleep, but then Grandma came over and plans changed.

We had lots of back time today.  You like being swaddled, but you love squirming out of the swaddling.  I think the back time is helping with your gas, but I’ve been wrong before. Only time will tell.  You’re already trying to roll over.  I bet in about a month (or sooner) you’ll be able to roll over by yourself.


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