Day 16

IMG_0465You never cease to amaze me, and I’m in awe of you every day.  Your belly button nub has fallen off and you don’t cry as much anymore.  Your schedule has returned to a relative normal.  You’ve started staying awake and alert longer between feedings and wanting to play.  We started tummy time today; you weren’t a fan!  I can feel you growing stronger every day, though.

We ventured out to the mall today so we could do some returns/exchanges and pick up some stuff for your newborn pictures.  After stops at Dicks, Banana Republic, Hot Topic (don’t judge), and the Disney store, we were spent!  You were tired, I was tired, and dad was tired of both of us (kidding).  By the way, your stroller does not fit into some of the smaller stores in the mall like Hot Topic.  In any event, it was nice to get out of the house on this balmy 80 degree-day in late-November.


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