Day 18

IMG_0489Well, we woke up to vomit today!  Fortunately, it had just happened when you woke me up, and I was really glad that you didn’t have to wait long to get it off you.  Dad was great in helping get your sheets stripped and your swaddling off you and in the wash.  Once you were clean and dry, it was feeding time again, like nothing had happened.  🙂

Today was dad’s first full day back at work.  We did a FaceTime in the morning right after your 10:45 feeding and bath, and then it was play time.  You’re starting to recognize the shapes in the bouncer arch.  We did FaceTime in the afternoon, and then you finally wanted to sleep.  I was really surprised that you spent most of the day awake and alert.

Newborn pictures are today!  I thought that we would be able to pose you and bend you, and you would be sleeping because I timed your feedings right.  NOPE!  You hated the pictures (or the picture lady, it was hard to tell).  So, we had 3 pictures to choose from; that was it.  We’re going to schedule another session when you’re a little older… They might not be “newborn” pictures, but they’ll be damn cute!


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