Day 28

IMG_0574You’ve found your thumb!  We’re not going to let that continue past your first year, but we understand that it’s a temporary self-soothing technique.  We’re okay with it right now.

Well, you pooped yesterday, and then your next bottles were almost 5 ounces.  You were insatiable, kiddo!

We had some errands to run, so you came with 🙂 Right as we were finishing up with our last errand, you lost it.  It was the perfect excuse for us to leave the store… and we needed an excuse.  Dad and I are looking into our Christmas present (yes, we’re buying a present for the house), and dad needed to do some more research before making the purchase.

Last night was rough!  You have this gas problem; not so much with vomit but more with farts.  Sometimes the gas gets stuck in your tummy and it makes you really uncomfortable… and you scream.  Your dad and I were at a loss on what to do.  Rubbing your tummy didn’t seem to work; in fact, just the opposite.  I fed you, I burped you, I swaddled you, I put you in your sleep sack.  You ended up sleeping in your swing last night (with dad close by on the couch), because it was the only thing that would soothe you.  Let’s hope tomorrow is better!


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