Day 34

IMG_0628Day 34… it’s hard to believe that you’ve been here for 34 days already!  In some ways it feels like time has just flown by.. and in other ways it feels like 34 of the longest days of my life.

Fortunately, we’re sleeping better.  Every night for the last week you’ve slept for at least 5.5 hours at a time.  Keep it up, buddy!  We increased your bottles, too.  Now you’re eating about 5 ounces pretty regularly, so we’re making 6 ounce bottles.  We don’t want you to waste away to nothing 🙂

When we were buying clothes for you (before you were born), we decided to get bigger clothes starting at 3 months because we knew that you would be long.  We also decided to get footed outfits and onesies because your birthday is in a winter month.  Well, you don’t like footed outfits.  So all the cuteness that we had planned for you in the form of footed outfits is going to waste… like this gem with the raccoon on the rear end and feet.  You were so much happier after I took you out of this outfit and put you in a long sleeve onesie.

Grandma Chapman came over today to get her baby fix.  Dad got his new golfing irons.  Since the weather was bad, we spent the night at home watching the Austrian edition of Booze Traveler.  We decided that we want to live in Austria… or anywhere with pretty mountains… but that’s always been a dream.

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