Day 42

IMG_0716TGIF, kiddo.  Boxing Day, Grandma Chapman’s birthday, and Chelsea played today.  Chelsea won over West Ham at the Bridge 2-0.  You and dad had some quality bonding time while I went back to sleep.  While I was upstairs, you puked all over dad, pooped all over dad, and had a crying fit.  Party all the time!  Turns out, you like it when dad has you in the baby carrier snugglie.

We spent most of the day watching Arrow and The Flash recordings from the DVR because no TV is worth watching right now.  We went for a walk in the afternoon, but a front blew in and the weather turned chilly.

You ate really well today.  We were able to get you to go down for a nap, too.  You’re becoming more vocal and making new sounds everyday.  Today was great!!!


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