Day 50

IMG_0766You’re officially over the 7 week mark!  You’re almost 2 whole months old!  So crazy!  It’s going by so fast.

We went to Top Golf again today.  The one by our house was on an hour wait, so we went to the one in Allen, just a little further away.  We had a great time.  I renewed my player’s card and got to hit some balls, too.  Dad was really patient with me and gave me lots of good pointers.  There were some times when all I hit was the air, but I was able to laugh it off.  It’s important in life to be able to laugh at yourself.  Golf was really fun today; it might become my hobby.

Grandma Chapman came over tonight and kept you company while your dad and I ran to get our hair cut.  Dad and I both see the same stylist, so it takes a while.  If you’re anything like your dad (and I’m sure you will be), you’ll have really thick hair and have to get it cut every two weeks.  You’re already starting to develop your dad’s hair patterns, with the cowlicks and swirls.  We call that “pretty people problems”.  We also stopped and had dinner at Fuzzy’s, which you haven’t been to since you were 2 weeks old.  Don’t worry, they have plenty of food and it will be there when you’re ready.


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