Day 66

IMG_0906Okay, so you’re almost too big for your swing, even though it says it holds up to 25 pounds… your feet will be hanging off the end in no time.

Today was Martin Luther King Day, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a civil rights activist who fought for equality in a world of racism.  His, “I have a dream,” speech is famous for inspiring people to educate themselves and see beyond racial stereotypes.  We’ll teach you all about Dr. King, and so will Uncle Justin and Aunt Christy.  But right now, today is just another day that I get to spend at home with you.  🙂

We had a rough day at home 😦 Your congestion has gotten so much worse, and now I think it’s in your lungs.  I’m going to call the pediatrician tomorrow and see if we need to go see him again.

We had fun FaceTime with dad in the afternoon.  And, we went on a short walk around the park since it was really nice outside.  You really enjoy our time outside, even when you’re sick.


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