Day 69

IMG_0926Look who’s feeling better!  A little albuterol treatment, a little saline nose spray, lots of sleep, and voila!  You’re almost completely better.  You’re still not out of the woods with the fever and stuff, but you’re getting there.

Dad has started referring to your albuterol as your “super soldier serum” because it makes you talk, very hyper, and want to use your legs.  Super soldier serum is how Captain Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, got his powers.

Dad and I think that you’re right hand dominant.  We don’t notice you reaching out and grabbing for things so much, but we definitely notice that you like to push off, hit mom in the face, and grab on to our fingers with your right hand/fist.  And when you do grab on to toys, it’s usually with your right hand.  So far, the keys are your favorite.  I think it’s because they are the smallest toy and easiest for you to grip.


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