Day 75

IMG_0996Today was such a beautiful day!  It’s late January in North Texas, and it’s 82 degrees… ah, winter.  We’re taking advantage of the nice weather while we can, because the rest of the week is supposed to be crappy.

I dropped you off at school using the car this morning, but dad and I picked you up with the jogging stroller this afternoon.  You were in a great mood when we picked you up; all smiles. And you stayed awake for the entire walk back home.  It was a whole new experience for you, being awake for a walk and all.

I’m not sure if you’re just super hungry all the time or if you’re starting to get sensation in your gums (like teething), but you’re drooling an awful lot, kiddo.  I’ll lay you down on your tummy, and a puddle of drool instantly appears.  And you gnaw on your arms and hands constantly.  It’s kind of cute and kind of gross at the same time.  We’ve given you a cold teething ring a couple of times to get you used to them; you love them!  But, I also think they stimulate your salivary glands… it’s like a fountain of drool pours out of your mouth.


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