Three Months

IMG_1248I’ve learned I no longer get to blog on the weekends… boo!

This is you at three months old.  Friday, the 13th… ooooh 🙂 You’re really tall, really heavy (in a good way), and you’re really social.  Everyone at school loves you!  You have mastered the following:

  • smiling, laughing
  • talking, cooing, babble
  • blowing bubbles, raspberries
  • big sighs, inquisitive noises
  • swimming motion on tummy time, pushing up
  • swiping grasp, pinching, hand holding
  • rolling over both ways

Your focus has gotten a lot better and you’re starting to recognize people from further away.  I know your hearing is perfectly fine because you can recognize your dad and my voices even when you don’t see us.  You already have your favorite toys at school and home.  You’re so strong and your hands, feet, and head move at lightning speeds, often times catching us off-guard.  You’ve clocked me in the jaw a few times more than I care to admit.  Changing your diaper and feeding you has become more of a chore as you like to squirm and wiggle so much.  It’s like you can’t sit still for one second, as evidenced in the picture I took.  Oh, and EVERYTHING is going in your mouth now.


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