Day 138

Today was a little rough.  You went to school like normal and you were just fine there, but once we got you home… well, that was another story.  You didn’t want anything to do with me; you only wanted dad.  You didn’t want to eat; you only wanted to play.  You didn’t want to eat for dad, either.  You didn’t want to sleep.  You barely let me hold you.  But, then it was time for your breathing treatment and it was a snooze-fest.  Of course, you woke up at 10, and then again at 10:30… hungry, starving, famished, positively wasting away to nothing.  You finally let me feed you and you finished the whole bottle.

I’ll make a deal with you, kiddo.  Dad and I will let you have a brother or sister one day if you don’t give us too many more of these nights.  Okay? 🙂


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