Months 4 to 5 Must Haves

baby5month_Fotor_CollageaBc Block Party® soft blocks Lots of textures and sounds.  This is the time that our son is touching everything, and everything he touches goes into his mouth.  The various textures intrigue him, and he likes to hug the blocks because they’re soft.

Sassy Wonder Wheel Aka THE WHEEL!!! Aka “we can’t live without it”!  We’ve attached this to our son’s booster seat table.  Every time he sees it, he can’t contain himself.

Fisher-Price Growing Baby® Clack & Play Crab The mirror is our son’s favorite.  He’s also at a point where he’s learning to pick things up with one hand and he can almost do that with this toy.  He loves that the claws move and make noise

Foam ABC & Numbers playmat We have a mover.  While he’s not crawling just yet, we can see that he’s about to start.  This mat is easily assembled, it’s customizable for limited space, and it’s interactive for later.  It’s saved our son’s nose from smashing into the hardwood floor during tummy time.  It has a smooth side and a textured side in case you need some extra grip.  It’s durable, the foam doesn’t pack down too quickly, and it’s easy to clean.

Infantino Tag Along Chimes The frog is the favorite of the two.  We use these on the Baby Einstein jumper and on the car seat handle.  I’ve even velcro’d one to our son’s wrist so he wouldn’t lose it.  It has both plush and nylon textures, and they make a delicate clinking sound.


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