Day 118

IMG_1500You woke up so happy today, and you were on your stomach!  I think this is going to become a habit of yours because you like falling asleep on me like that.

This is the last day that you’ll be three months old; tomorrow makes 4 months!  Your eyes are still blue, still no teeth that I can see (but I know they’re coming in), you’re eating like a horse, your motor skills are improving, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to walk and talk any day now.  Dad swears he hears you say “momma” at least once a day.

Day 117

IMG_1494You absolutely wore yourself out today at school!  This was the second day this week that you came home in emergency clothes, too… apparently, it happens a lot at your age.  We’re really not too worried about it.

I’m glad that you’re back to sleeping all through the night.  Your feeding schedule has been a little off lately, though.

The weather has calmed down and is getting to be more consistent.  Your allergies have been better and your congestion gets better each day.

Day 116

IMG_1490Guess what?  You slept all through the night, hard!  Just for that, you get some flashy new socks today.  Okay, so maybe we were going to get those anyway, but we’ll see about getting you a new outfit, too.

Dad was exhausted from working at the ballpark today, and you were exhausted from school.  When we got to school to pick you up, you were screaming… because you had dropped your toy and couldn’t reach it.  Dad really hopes that you don’t pick up his quick temper.

Mom and Dad won a prize from the golf show; more Top Golf!

Day 115

Mondays are so hard!  Especially when you don’t sleep all through the night!  You squealed when you got to school, you were so happy!  Dad said it was like, “Look at all my friends!” it was so cute.

You’re devouring your bottles in no time flat, and you’re fighting sleep.  You’re not screaming crying, but you’re fussy.  I think you just don’t want to miss anything, like if you fall asleep, you’re going to miss something big.

Day 114

IMG_1486We had a busy Sunday!  We started off with the DFW Golf Show, at which we spent two hours.  Dad got to play ‘closest to the pin’ and ‘chip to win’.  He didn’t do that well at either, but only because the clubs were too short.  I won a swing evaluation to GolfTec, which was worth our trip alone.  You were absolutely perfect the whole time we were at the golf show!!

Then Grandma Chapman came over to watch you and love on you.  We just got your booster seat and you love it!  Dad and I went to Dave & Buster’s for lunch and to watch the third round of the WGC Cadillac,  we went to the PGA store to hit some golf balls, and then we capped off our day with grocery shopping.  I think the time change is throwing off your schedule a little, because you were really tired and fighting sleep when we got home.

Day 113

IMG_1478What’s that in your hand?  Is it a donut hole?  Why, yes it is!  Too bad you didn’t know what to do with it 🙂 Dad thought he would be cute and give you a donut while mom was at the spa.  Go figure… when you give you a toy, it goes into your mouth, but when we give you food, you just sit there!  After dad took the donut hole away and cleaned off most of your hand, he said that you did get a taste of the glaze!  SUGAR!

You and I had some quality bonding time today.  After I got done at the spa, dad got ready to go play golf (which took forever because of the soggy course).  You and I got to watch the second round of the WGC Cadillac and we kept dad updated.

Day 112

IMG_1476I think it’s about time to start you on solid foods to keep you full longer.  We’ve gone from sleeping all through the night to waking up twice a night.  Good thing you see the doctor in 1 week for your 4 month check up!

EVERYTHING is going in your mouth now.  I’m pretty sure that you’re teething…  We’ve nicknamed you drool-buckets, because you drool all the time and you can fill buckets with amount you salivate.  And you chew on your hands and arms.  You don’t suck you thumb, but your hand and fist go into your mouth… and then you start talking.  You’re crazy, kiddo!

Day 111

IMG_1468We woke up to snow today!  Not record-breaking snowfall, but the fourth most snow in the month of March.  That meant that school was closed and you had to stay at home with me all day while dad braved the roads and headed into work.

Your take on snow right now: NOT A FAN!  When your hands touched the snow, you pulled your hands away.  I tried to put you in the snow on your back, and you immediately started screaming.  I wanted to send dad that picture, but obviously you had other ideas.  Oh, and it was really bright because of the sun and all the snow… you didn’t like that either.  I give you about a year (maybe two) until you change your mind.

You want to crawl so bad!  You tried again today; it was really more of a sideways motion.  You did manage to scoot yourself forward on the bed, so that’s progress!

Day 110

IMG_1474You’re such a tired baby!  You went from happy to tired in one day… well, usually it only takes a couple hours for that to happen, so it’s not too surprising.  This picture was taken right after your last bottle of the night, after your shower, and right after you fell asleep.  You were just so tired.  I don’t even remember you playing all that much once we got you home.

The weather was really bad today, with lots of rain and a cold front that moved through.  We put you in these long sleeves after your shower because we knew it would get colder during the night.  Hopefully, this is the last drastic weather change we have this season.  I don’t think anyone’s allergies can take it anymore!