Day 149

IMG_1754You’re no longer accepting of the breathing treatments.  You fight and you squirm, and you claw and pull until the mask is off of your face.  What really sucks is that you still have a cough and congestion, and without those breathing treatments, I’m not sure how you’re going to get rid of it.  We’re staying diligent with the saline and bulb suction, so hopefully that will be good enough now.

You had a fun day with Grandma Chapman.  You got to watch Chelsea win over QPR, and you got to watch live coverage of the Masters.  Grandma also brought over lots of sweets and goodies for me and dad and more clothes for you.

Your hands are now finding their way into my mouth and you keep feeling the hair on your head.  I think your sense of touch is developing!


Day 148

IMG_1757Busy, busy, busy!  Let’s see what we did today.  You woke up at 4am, hungry, so that was an earlier than anticipated start to our day.  Dad played a round of golf with Uncle Justin and then brought us lunch (brought me lunch).  We went to Dick’s, Macy’s, another Macy’s, J.Crew, Sonic, Target, and Old Navy.  You were a champ the whole day and so good!  Only, I caught you looking around at ladies too many times, you flirt.

Once we got home, we were pretty much in for the night.  We watched the Masters, and it was so good.  I know, I can’t believe I’m saying that golf is entertaining, but it was.  Don’t worry, we’ll let you play golf with dad 🙂

Day 147

IMG_1753It’s Friday!!!  The weekend is here and we have lots to do, so tonight, we’re going to stay home and relax.  Well, mom’s going to relax; you’re going to play on dad like he’s a jungle gym.

You were so tired when you came home from school today.  I love that you tire yourself out at school and sleep through the night.  Your teachers say that you’re doing an excellent job with eating cereal.

Day 146

IMG_1734Since you’ve found your feet, you won’t stop playing with them.  They’re so fascinating!  It’s so crazy to think that you’re not even 5 months old yet, and your feet touch floor when you sit in your Bumbo seat.  And you can pick up toys off the floor while sitting in the Bumbo, too.  You need to work on those core muscles so you don’t need the Bumbo.

Last night, dad laid you on your tummy on the blanket for a second and when he looked back at your, you were off the blanket.  We know that you don’t crawl yet, but you can scoot yourself… and you kind of crawl sideways 🙂

Day 145

IMG_1727You didn’t want to wake up this morning.  I think you would have slept all day if I had let you.  I had to wake you up at 6:15, and it still took you about 5 minutes to open your eyes.  Waking you up is so hard for me because I want to let you sleep, but at least you wake up happy!

School is going to start feeding you cereal during the day.  I figure this will help keep you full longer and get your little tummy used to digesting food.

We’re still doing your breathing treatments because your cough and congestion are still hanging around.

Day 144

IMG_1712You’re so cute!  My heart melts every time I see those dimples!

Dad had to go to Austin for the day, but he made sure we were all set up for an easy morning.  Your dad’s awesome, kiddo.  It was easy getting you up, easy feeding you, and easy giving you the breathing treatment.

You must have missed dad today, because when he picked you up from school, all you wanted to do was play.  And it was a little rough getting you to sleep.  Once you were asleep, though, it was peace and quiet for a whole night!

Day 143

IMG_1711Dad and I figured that since you’re almost 5 months old, you need to be eating cereal on a regular basis to help with the transition to solids in a couple months.  You seem to tolerate the cereal better than you did last time.  However, it seemed to make you really tired and you fell asleep through your bottle immediately afterward.

I’m a little concerned about how your tummy is handling the cereal; you woke up in the middle of the night with really bad gas.  I don’t want that to become normal; I think I would go crazy, let alone how you would feel.  Let’s hope tomorrow goes better!