Day 270

IMG_3207Are you excited that it’s almost PGA Championship time?  I think so!

You spent your first day in ‘mobile infants’.  You’re just too big for the infants class… and you’re not even 9 months old yet.  Your teachers said that you loved it being around older kids and you had an excellent day.  You’re awesome!

Day 269

No pictures from today, but we had a fun afternoon!  We met Aunt KK to look at a house and then we went out to Cristina’s Mexican Restaurant.  You were so well behaved at the restaurant and let me feed you from a high chair.  Of course, you had to flirt with the teenage girl sitting at the table next to us.  After all that excitement (and sleeping in the car), you didn’t fall asleep for the night until 9pm, which was really bad for mom… but you stayed asleep all night 🙂

Day 267

IMG_3204It’s so exhausting being you, I tell you what!  You played so hard at gym class today; I think you enjoyed it more than ever.  You were crawling around and walking over everything!  We spent some quality time at the mall today, too, because it was really hot outside.  The mall was packed because of ‘Tax Free Weekend’.

Day 264

IMG_3158You little flirt, you.  I forgot her name, but she’s from the mobile infants class.  You were gabbing away and jumping up and down to entertain her.  Such a stud!

In addition to walking, you’ve become proficient at crawling on hands and knees, and you’re really fast.  In the time it took me to stand up from sitting, you had crawled a good 20 feet away from me.  You saw mommy’s golf balls on the putting green and you just had to have them!

Day 263

IMG_3148Nothing is safe now that you’ve started walking.  I have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to be really tough for dad and me.  Not so much in the way that you’ll be trouble, but more in that we’ll have to comfort you when you cry because you’ve fallen and hurt yourself.  It kills me to hear you cry and see those giant crocodile tears run down your cheeks.  Fortunately, you’re pretty durable and the majority of your cries are from being scared and not so much from excruciating pain.  I know that you’re bound to fall while learning to walk more, and this is just part of growing… but it’s still hard for me.  Part of me is amazed that you’ve grown so fast and so strong, and part of me wonders where my baby boy went 🙂 😦

Day 262

IMG_3144Another nose bites the dust.  So you had your first bloody nose on Saturday and your second one today.  But… YOU WALKED!  The whole length of the couch.  You were so excited to see dad that you just had to get over to him.  That’s right; you took your first steps without holding on to anything, which is how you got the busted nose.  And OH, how you cried.  I still think you were a champ, though.