Day 293

IMG_3407Today was a little different than normal.  Grandma picked you up from school so dad and I could go to the Cowboys game.  This was the last preseason home game against the Houston Texans.  It was a whole lot of fun and grandma did a great job, but we missed you.  Dad missed picking you up from school, and I missed putting you to bed.

Day 92

IMG_1262Who is the happiest little boy because he slept through the night?!  You are!

Yes, you slept all the way through the night, kiddo.  We fed you around 7pm and you were asleep by 7:30.  We woke up around 4:30, but it wasn’t that bad.  I think it’s crazy how 5am doesn’t sound so early anymore…

You wore your Chelsea clothes today even though our team didn’t play.  This is outfit #1; outfit #2 came after you #2’d all over outfit #1.  Let’s just say it was a blowout of epic proportions.  Your other Chelsea outfit was the blue kit and grey shorts; totally cute!

Today is Valentine’s Day, and you and dad got to spend some quality time together while I went to the spa for a couple hours.  Later we went to the PGA SuperStore and got me fitted for clubs.  I love our little family life 🙂

Three Months

IMG_1248I’ve learned I no longer get to blog on the weekends… boo!

This is you at three months old.  Friday, the 13th… ooooh 🙂 You’re really tall, really heavy (in a good way), and you’re really social.  Everyone at school loves you!  You have mastered the following:

  • smiling, laughing
  • talking, cooing, babble
  • blowing bubbles, raspberries
  • big sighs, inquisitive noises
  • swimming motion on tummy time, pushing up
  • swiping grasp, pinching, hand holding
  • rolling over both ways

Your focus has gotten a lot better and you’re starting to recognize people from further away.  I know your hearing is perfectly fine because you can recognize your dad and my voices even when you don’t see us.  You already have your favorite toys at school and home.  You’re so strong and your hands, feet, and head move at lightning speeds, often times catching us off-guard.  You’ve clocked me in the jaw a few times more than I care to admit.  Changing your diaper and feeding you has become more of a chore as you like to squirm and wiggle so much.  It’s like you can’t sit still for one second, as evidenced in the picture I took.  Oh, and EVERYTHING is going in your mouth now.

Day 90

IMG_1222Another night of waking up… ugh.  Can we please stop this, kiddo?  Mom needs a solid night sleep 🙂

I think you’ve officially hit the stage where everything goes into your mouth.  Mainly, it’s your left fist that finds your mouth.  I can only think that you’re telling me that you’re hungry, so that’s about the time we feed you.

You coo and talk to so much.  Your smile is getting bigger.  You’re happy all the time, except when I use the bulb on your nose; darn allergies.  You’re positively a stud, kiddo.

Day 89

IMG_1208This waking up in the middle of the night thing is for the birds, kiddo!  You woke me up at 2am again.  On a positive note, that is almost 8 hours of sleep for you.  I just can’t bring myself to go to bed in line with you at 6pm.

You look more and more like your dad every day.  You have my coloring but your dad’s features.  And you’re fascinated by the camera.

Day 88

IMG_1164Again, you woke up in the middle of the night.  We have to stop letting you go to sleep at 6pm.  It’s so hard to try and keep you awake, though… you’re a growing boy and you need all the sleep!

You sure do love your spaceship (jumper).  You’re really learning how to grab onto things, and you’re reaching and grasping.  Apparently, you’ve been ‘playing hard’ at school, too.  I’m sure that doesn’t help with your recent exhaustion.