Year 4, Day 4

img_9732You’ve gotten the rock climbing down!  The vertical wall is a little harder and you still need Dad’s help for that one, but probably not for long!


Year 3, Day 211

img_7500After a solid day of eating nothing but one little scoop of ice cream, you’re back to yourself.  You ate cereal, toast, kolaches, pizza, chicken and rice, and drank lots of water.  I think we even managed to get some milk in you.

Year 2, Day 73

You were not having it; dad doesn’t do baths! At least, not like mom does.

You weren’t really feeling that well today; you ran a fever at school and weren’t acting quite like yourself.  Tomorrow we’ll go to the doctor and see what he says.  I’m pretty sure you got me sick, kiddo.  I went to the doctor today after you went to bed, and I have another sinus infection. 😦

Year 2, Day 34

IMG_3960Forever to be known as the day that Star Wars came out, the pre-screening anyway.  That’s where dad was this evening 🙂 Dad will teach you all about Star Wars when you’re old enough… so like, tomorrow.

We had a good evening but not a good night.  I think your ears are still bothering you and you were insatiable.  We’re going back to the doctor next week.