Day 85

IMG_1129Our busiest day to date.  We were running non-stop since we woke up.  First, we had the Chelsea match against Aston Villa, which we won.  Then, Grandma Recer came over to take dad shopping for his birthday.  Dad got some stuff and so did you!  Dad got a couple outfits from the PGA SuperStore and you got a Baby Einstein Jumper from Buy Buy Baby.  Keep flashing those smiles at Grandma and you’ll get anything you want; both grandmas, for that matter.  After we assembled the jumper, we went to the driving range for a little bit.  Around 6pm, dad left to go get his hair cut, and you passed out!

Day 78

IMG_1076This is you at 11 weeks, kiddo.  First roller coaster ride, aka the carousel at the mall.  You’re sitting upright in your Bumbo seat, although you’re almost too big for it.  And, we ran errands with you and you didn’t fall asleep at all.

Sports news for today is that Chelsea drew Man City 1-1 at the Bridge, keeping us 5 points clear and at the top of the table.  This was the first time Frank Lampard was back at Stamford Bridge since it was discovered that he didn’t actually sign a direct contract with the MLS.  He’s still a Chelsea legend and has the respect of all his former teammates.

You’re getting stronger by the day.  I think you’ve mastered how to spin yourself around on your activity mat, and you can almost roll over form our back to your stomach by yourself.  You’re going to be pushing up and crawling in no time flat!

Day 69

IMG_0926Look who’s feeling better!  A little albuterol treatment, a little saline nose spray, lots of sleep, and voila!  You’re almost completely better.  You’re still not out of the woods with the fever and stuff, but you’re getting there.

Dad has started referring to your albuterol as your “super soldier serum” because it makes you talk, very hyper, and want to use your legs.  Super soldier serum is how Captain Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, got his powers.

Dad and I think that you’re right hand dominant.  We don’t notice you reaching out and grabbing for things so much, but we definitely notice that you like to push off, hit mom in the face, and grab on to our fingers with your right hand/fist.  And when you do grab on to toys, it’s usually with your right hand.  So far, the keys are your favorite.  I think it’s because they are the smallest toy and easiest for you to grip.

Day 62

IMG_0860Just another average day, kiddo.  You’re getting more comfortable with peek-a-boo, and you’re more tolerant of the activity mat.  You’re starting to do the John Cena, “You Can’t See Me,” by yourself.  Dad is really proud.  We’re still working on grabbing and gripping.  You’re sleeping through the night, at least 7 hours each night… we just need you to start going to bed later.  It’s hard for me going to bed at 8pm.

Day 59

Alright, week #2 at day school.  Dad is having a really hard time leaving you in the mornings.

Today, we watched (tried to watch) the first ever College Football Championship game.  It was hosted at AT&T Stadium (aka Cowboys Stadium, aka Jerry World, aka The Death Star), which isn’t too far away from where we live.  The game just seemed to drag on, and before I knew it, you were asleep.  Ohio State beat Oregon.  From what I saw on the news, it was a great game.

We learned that you’re now strong enough to support yourself in your Bumbo chair.  And you’re starting to understand the activity mat… but you’re still not a huge fan.  You’d rather just lay on the floor and stare up at the TV, with all the pretty colors and changing screens.  We’re raising a tech kid.  You better get your fill of TV now, because as soon as you’re able to walk, we’re going to “encourage” you to play outside as much as possible… even when it’s cold.  That’s why coats were invented 🙂

Day 44

IMG_0721Aunt KK got you this onesie for Christmas.  She thought this picture was adorable, and she was right!

You had such a great day today!  You chowed down on food, slept a whole bunch, and played.  You’re starting to get used to the activity mat and play with the hanging objects more and more.  You still get a little frustrated when you hit yourself in the head accidentally, but I imagine anyone would.  You’re really strong, but all of your motor skills aren’t caught up to your strength yet.

So after a full day of eating and playing, you were trying to work out a poop.  Well, it finally happened when you and dad were having some quality time… and it happened all over dad… again.  This is the second time you’ve had a blowout on dad.  I couldn’t stop laughing!  Even when your dad told me to stop laughing, I was still laughing to myself.  I didn’t know what to do with you this time.  I took you over to the sink but decided that was a bad idea, then I took you upstairs and put you in your tub but decided that was a bad idea, and finally dad took you in the shower with him.  Oh baby, I think we win parents of the year for this one.  🙂

Day 38

IMG_0665You love your new play mat.  Dad and I got you the Baby Einstein play mat at Buy Buy Baby today.  We figured that since you’re staying awake longer and longer between feedings, you need to be able to entertain yourself.  I think it’s working!

You’re 13.2 pounds already.  I think I’m developing carpel tunnel.  And you’re almost too big for the size small sleep sack.  I think you’re starting to learn what communication is… you’ve been cooing and shooting me these looks lately, like you know what’s going on and you have something to contribute.

Dad and I definitely have our roles established with you; he’s the protector and entertainer, and I’m the comforter and nurturer.  Dad holds you and you instantly want to play, then I hold you and you want to fall asleep.  Note to self: letting dad play with you right before bedtime is a bad thing.