Year 3, Day 59

img_5432You were showing dad how to do a somersault.  You woke up this morning at 4am, and we’re really not sure why.


Year 2, Day 195

Your 18 month check up.  You’re perfect, of course!  You have a little bit of fluid on your ears, so we need to get allergy meds in you on the daily.

Day 233

IMG_2714We’ve decided that you rock the tank tops, buddy.  That’s all we want you to wear now that it’s summer.

Grandma watched you again today, and you did not have an easy day.  You puked all over grandma and pooped on the floor.  Bad Basher!  Not really, but we’re not sure what was making you sick.  I think it might have been your teeth giving you pain and trouble.  But you still slept through the night!

Day 230

IMG_2715Thursday was our Friday because of the holiday weekend.  You and I spent some quality time with the camera phone 🙂 You just love your selfies.

Your teeth have been bothering you lately, and you’ve been a little cranky pants.  And, you’ve been staying up at night.  Let’s hope this doesn’t last very long.