Year 4, Day 76

img_0400We had the best time at the Dallas Zoo today.  You saw lions, and tigers, and giraffes, and monkeys, and birds, and alligators, and dinosaurs.  Yes, dinosaurs!  Even though you got to feed and pet the giraffes, you talked about the dinosaurs the most.


Year 3, Day 343

img_9332These pictures don’t capture all the fun things we got to experience at Team Family Farms!  We got to ride 3 tractors, do a bean bag toss, try to pull some pumpkins in a wagon (it didn’t budge), learned how a well water pump works, ran through a hay maze, fed some cows, llamas, and billygoats, chased chickens, petted a bunny, played in the sandbox, rode on a tractor train with our friend, Buttons, and played in the little prairie houses.  We had SO MUCH FUN!

Year 3, Day 330

img_9063Our first pumpkin patch of the season.  We revisited Preston Trail Farms because we had so much fun last year.   We ran through the pumpkin patch, went on the barrel train twice, tried to ride the mini John Deere tractors, went through the hay maze twice, rode the hayride, fed all the animals, and ate hot dogs.  Oh, and you posed for a few pictures when you weren’t running around with your friend.

Year 3, Day 47

img_5371Today we went to Uncle Ron and Aunt Renatta’s house on Lake Texoma.  You had the most amazing time, and we promised to go back and visit really soon.  When you’re older, we might leave you there for a summer or two 😉 You were so tired after our visit that you went to bed early without eating dinner.