Year 4, Day 141

img_0961Just the sweetest.  Here you are trying to give your baby brother a kiss on his little hand.

Year One, Concluded 

IMG_3804Today is your birthday, happy birthday to you!  You had cake twice today; you took cupcakes to school AND you had a cake at the house.  You loved the cake so much that you tried to pick it up and hug it, which was really cute and horribly messy.  Everything was fun and games until you got the frosting in your eyes, and then we had to take an emergency shower to wash it all off.  The grandmas and Aunt KK got you some really cute stuff for your birthday.  We ended your birthday with a trip to your favorite place… the mall, ugh. We love you, kiddo, and happy birthday!!!

Day 363, Which is Actually Day 364

IMG_3772So, somehow, I got off on my day numbering… just by one day, but still.  Today is your last day of being a baby; on to being a big kid.  Tomorrow you turn 1 year old.  You have so much personality already, and I can hardly wait to see who you become.  We love you so much!!!

Day 362

Again, you came home tired from school, so it was a short night.  We got you changed into jammies, got you fed, and you fell asleep eating.  I really miss playing with you in the evenings when it doesn’t happen.  Miss Amy from school said that you were a big kid today and that you slept on a cot for the first time.  She also said that you were more interested in eating table food than having bottles.  It’s about time! 🙂

Day 361

IMG_3767Such a tired little superhero.   You had a really busy day.  The day started with you making your diaper explode during breakfast… after I was all ready for work… and you got poop everywhere… so you got a bath, again, this morning.  Poop was on the wall, on the floor, in your booster seat, on me, all over you… EVERYWHERE!  You threw up at school and came home in emergency clothes.  You were super tired but we still managed to get a bath at night.  Since your congestion is so bad, we gave you a breathing treatment.  It made you cough a little, but you slept through the night.

Day 360

IMG_3765The countdown to your first birthday is upon us; 5 more days…

So, you’ve been wanting more bottles lately, but dad and I are hesitant to give into that.  You need to be eating more food, like, table food.  I think we’re going to start giving you small pieces of table food and let you figure it out.  I know that you only have 4 teeth, but you need to get used to eating ‘for real’ food.