Year 2, Day 27

IMG_3918Oh how I wish you would drink from a sippy cup! And don’t judge that we took you back to Twin Peaks… the food is really good.  Anything to keep you occupied so you sleep most of the night.


Year 2, Day 24

IMG_3905What’s that, mom?  I can’t go to Hooters by myself?  Mom, you’re messing up my game.

You were a hit with our waitress at Hooters last night, buddy.  She loved your dimples 🙂 And we found out that you love fish.  You ate almost an entire fillet of mommy’s fish and chips.

We got a call from Ms. Katharine from school saying that you were abnormally cranky today.  Come to find out, you were really hungry and we didn’t know it.  We’re sending you to school with more food tomorrow.

Year 2, Day 22

IMG_3901Day 2 of no fever, and you’re feeling better.  You’re still a whiny little thing, but at least you’re headed in the right direction.

Today, we took you out to eat at Twin Peaks for the first time… you loved it, but not because of the girls.  You liked having 800 TVs to watch at the same time.  You’re just like your father, needing to do at least two things at the same time.  And, you got to ride the carousel at the mall in the afternoon.