Day 146

IMG_1734Since you’ve found your feet, you won’t stop playing with them.  They’re so fascinating!  It’s so crazy to think that you’re not even 5 months old yet, and your feet touch floor when you sit in your Bumbo seat.  And you can pick up toys off the floor while sitting in the Bumbo, too.  You need to work on those core muscles so you don’t need the Bumbo.

Last night, dad laid you on your tummy on the blanket for a second and when he looked back at your, you were off the blanket.  We know that you don’t crawl yet, but you can scoot yourself… and you kind of crawl sideways 🙂

Day 101

IMG_1341Monday, aka ice day, aka snow day, aka school is closed so you have to stay home with mom and dad… but the internet and cable were down so we got to do absolutely nothing all day, and we were really bored… ugh.

We watched a movie and tried to keep busy.  Dad tried to entertain you as much as possible, but trying to keep you on your school schedule when you’re not at school is difficult.

Day 78

IMG_1076This is you at 11 weeks, kiddo.  First roller coaster ride, aka the carousel at the mall.  You’re sitting upright in your Bumbo seat, although you’re almost too big for it.  And, we ran errands with you and you didn’t fall asleep at all.

Sports news for today is that Chelsea drew Man City 1-1 at the Bridge, keeping us 5 points clear and at the top of the table.  This was the first time Frank Lampard was back at Stamford Bridge since it was discovered that he didn’t actually sign a direct contract with the MLS.  He’s still a Chelsea legend and has the respect of all his former teammates.

You’re getting stronger by the day.  I think you’ve mastered how to spin yourself around on your activity mat, and you can almost roll over form our back to your stomach by yourself.  You’re going to be pushing up and crawling in no time flat!

Day 59

Alright, week #2 at day school.  Dad is having a really hard time leaving you in the mornings.

Today, we watched (tried to watch) the first ever College Football Championship game.  It was hosted at AT&T Stadium (aka Cowboys Stadium, aka Jerry World, aka The Death Star), which isn’t too far away from where we live.  The game just seemed to drag on, and before I knew it, you were asleep.  Ohio State beat Oregon.  From what I saw on the news, it was a great game.

We learned that you’re now strong enough to support yourself in your Bumbo chair.  And you’re starting to understand the activity mat… but you’re still not a huge fan.  You’d rather just lay on the floor and stare up at the TV, with all the pretty colors and changing screens.  We’re raising a tech kid.  You better get your fill of TV now, because as soon as you’re able to walk, we’re going to “encourage” you to play outside as much as possible… even when it’s cold.  That’s why coats were invented 🙂

Day 51

IMG_0769You in the PGA Superstore, not interested.

Sports news: The Dallas Cowboys made it one round closer to the Superbowl.  Next match up is against Green Bay at Green Bay; the first time since 1963.

While we were out, we got you a Bumbo seat.  It’s supposed to be awesome, but you’re still not ready for it.  You have to be able to hold your head up on your own for an extended period of time, which you’re not quite able to do.  We also looked at the bigger car seats… since you’ll be in one of those before we know it.