Year 3, Day 233

img_7784I really don’t know how you manage to pack so much CHEESE into your smiles 😀


Year 2, Day 22

IMG_3901Day 2 of no fever, and you’re feeling better.  You’re still a whiny little thing, but at least you’re headed in the right direction.

Today, we took you out to eat at Twin Peaks for the first time… you loved it, but not because of the girls.  You liked having 800 TVs to watch at the same time.  You’re just like your father, needing to do at least two things at the same time.  And, you got to ride the carousel at the mall in the afternoon.

Day 78

IMG_1076This is you at 11 weeks, kiddo.  First roller coaster ride, aka the carousel at the mall.  You’re sitting upright in your Bumbo seat, although you’re almost too big for it.  And, we ran errands with you and you didn’t fall asleep at all.

Sports news for today is that Chelsea drew Man City 1-1 at the Bridge, keeping us 5 points clear and at the top of the table.  This was the first time Frank Lampard was back at Stamford Bridge since it was discovered that he didn’t actually sign a direct contract with the MLS.  He’s still a Chelsea legend and has the respect of all his former teammates.

You’re getting stronger by the day.  I think you’ve mastered how to spin yourself around on your activity mat, and you can almost roll over form our back to your stomach by yourself.  You’re going to be pushing up and crawling in no time flat!