Year 3, Day 299

img_8503Seconds before I snapped this picture of you, you were pouting and saying “No Cheese” very emphatically.  But, all it took was one smile from mama and you’re right back to your old self.


Day 51

IMG_0769You in the PGA Superstore, not interested.

Sports news: The Dallas Cowboys made it one round closer to the Superbowl.  Next match up is against Green Bay at Green Bay; the first time since 1963.

While we were out, we got you a Bumbo seat.  It’s supposed to be awesome, but you’re still not ready for it.  You have to be able to hold your head up on your own for an extended period of time, which you’re not quite able to do.  We also looked at the bigger car seats… since you’ll be in one of those before we know it.

Day 3

IMG_0360Day 3 was the day we got to bring you home.  We weren’t very clear on how the discharge procedures worked with the hospital (because they didn’t explain them to us very well), and the hospital staff thought that we were stealing you.  Your baby lo-jack set off all the nursery alarms.  It was kind of funny, even at the time.  It was one of the coldest weeks in November in Texas, and today was especially crappy weather with frost and rain.  Dad was a rockstar with your carseat.  FYI, you are not a fan of being put in the carseat carrier, but once we get moving you relax and stop crying.

Once we got home, dad took a turn for the worst and had to go to the ER.  Grandma Recer came over and took dad to the ER, and Grandma Chapman came over to help me take care of you.  Grandma Chapman even stayed the night with us so your dad could get some rest and recover.  As it turned out, everything that CareNow told your dad to do was wrong, but the ER doctor made dad feel much better.