Day 161

IMG_1929Day 161, AKA, mom and dad’s two year anniversary.  We even got you a present… mangos! Oh, and you love the mangos!

You’ve been sleeping really well at night, fortunately, despite problems from your allergies.  I wonder if you’ll ever shake this cough and congestion.  Only time will tell.

You’ve been insatiable lately.  It’s like the more we feed you, the hungrier you get.  You’re really taking to being fed with a spoon; you open your mouth automatically when you see it.  Adorable!

Day 157

IMG_1885OMG, kiddo!  You really need to stop waking up in the middle of the night.  4 times you woke me up the night before last and 3 times last night.  You don’t have a hard time falling asleep; in fact, you’ve been falling asleep during your last feeding of the night.  Are you just hungry?  Is that it?  Are you going through a growth spurt again?

Maybe we’ll start feeding you cereal twice a day to keep you full longer.  And your congestion and allergies are really bad today.  You poor thing; I see lots of allergy appointments in our future.

Day 156

IMG_1880This is you practicing your T-Rex arms for mommy.

Everyone loves Sundays!  It’s grandma’s day to spend with you.  We got you some solid food yesterday; pears, bananas, and sweet potatoes.  You instantly loved the sweet potatoes, but not the bananas or pears.  The faces you would make, kiddo; they were priceless!  Grandma said that you came around and would eat them all.  We don’t want a picky eater on our hands.

You and dad let me in on a special bond you share over classic rock.  Apparently, Twisted Sister is a favorite of yours.  You and dad sang all the words to, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” and you danced along, too.  I really shouldn’t be surprised by that; both your dad and I love classic rock.  Our car is named Black Betty, after all.

Day 147

IMG_1753It’s Friday!!!  The weekend is here and we have lots to do, so tonight, we’re going to stay home and relax.  Well, mom’s going to relax; you’re going to play on dad like he’s a jungle gym.

You were so tired when you came home from school today.  I love that you tire yourself out at school and sleep through the night.  Your teachers say that you’re doing an excellent job with eating cereal.

Day 145

IMG_1727You didn’t want to wake up this morning.  I think you would have slept all day if I had let you.  I had to wake you up at 6:15, and it still took you about 5 minutes to open your eyes.  Waking you up is so hard for me because I want to let you sleep, but at least you wake up happy!

School is going to start feeding you cereal during the day.  I figure this will help keep you full longer and get your little tummy used to digesting food.

We’re still doing your breathing treatments because your cough and congestion are still hanging around.

Day 143

IMG_1711Dad and I figured that since you’re almost 5 months old, you need to be eating cereal on a regular basis to help with the transition to solids in a couple months.  You seem to tolerate the cereal better than you did last time.  However, it seemed to make you really tired and you fell asleep through your bottle immediately afterward.

I’m a little concerned about how your tummy is handling the cereal; you woke up in the middle of the night with really bad gas.  I don’t want that to become normal; I think I would go crazy, let alone how you would feel.  Let’s hope tomorrow goes better!

Day 43

Saturday, 12/27/14; aka date night for mom and dad.  We left you with Grandma Recer and went to see the final Hobbit movie in the series.  We went to the Look Theater and ran into Beck and Noreen.  They have a daughter, Zara, about your age who I’m sure you’ll meet one day.

Grandma said that you were not a happy camper while she was watching you.  Aunt KK even stopped by, and she wasn’t able to get you to calm down, either.  Grandma said that shortly after we left for the movie, you were chewing on your hands and pacifier violently, like you were starving.  Gosh, kid, it’s like we don’t feed you or something.  She’s been talking to us about putting cereal in your formula, but I want to talk to the doctor about that first.  Grandma finally got you to sleep around 9 and we got home shortly thereafter.