Day 52

IMG_0777Your first day of school.  Dad said that it was really hard dropping you off.  I’m glad I wasn’t there or I would have stayed with you all day long; either that, or I wouldn’t have let you go at all.  They send you home with a “report card” that tells everything that happened during the day, like when they changed your diaper, when you ate, and when you slept.  You only had a couple hours of nap time, so I wasn’t surprised when 7pm rolled around and you were out for the night.


T- 2 Weeks… Kinda

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSo much has been happening in the last couple weeks; I had a birthday, we saw the doctor twice, and we had a baby shower.  For a lady who’s 9 months pregnant, that’s a lot of things happening all at once 🙂

Seeing the doctor twice consisted of taking the baby’s measurements, and then doing it again.  So, our doctor took the baby’s measurements and came up with 8.1 pounds, meaning that our baby is in the 97% of babies size.  Our doctor said that she generally doesn’t see babies this large, so we set up an appointment with the doctor and the sonographer.  Our follow up appointment showed that our baby got bigger by almost a pound.  SO, that means we’re expecting a 10 pound baby, and our doctor is pretty sure that our baby will stick with me until his due date of 11-14.  Thank god for drugs!

My birthday was a ton of fun.  Chad went to go ride his bike, so he dropped me off at the nail salon.  I love getting pedicures.  Then, he took me to the Melting Pot; one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the world!  Cheese = Heaven!  And I got a new toy; iPad Air!!!  Woohoo!  We also had a separate dinner with Chad’s family; Mexican food, which is always good.

I’ve been playing with all our loot from our baby shower.  I’ve assembled pretty much everything… even if it’s not something that our kid will use immediately.  All his clothes are washed and put away, the nursery is completely set up, all his feeding supplies are organized, the bathroom is ready; yep, we’re all set!

T- 4 Weeks

IMG_0328We’re almost there!  Quite possibly only 4 short weeks to go.  We saw the doctor yesterday for our 34 week check-up; yes, it was a little behind schedule.  But, everything looks normal and great.  We see the doctor again in 5 days for our 36 week check-up, and that’s the fun appointment where we get to see our little baby boy again!  We can’t wait!!!

I’m feeling pretty good, other than the enormous amount of activity coming from my belly at all times.  He’s so SO strong!  He makes it difficult for me to eat when he’s extremely active.  I’m all belly now, and my belly is no longer round.  If you know what to look for, you can tell the exact position of our little guy (which is kind of creepy but awesome at the same time).  I’m taking it easy and keeping my feet up.  I’m relaxing as much now as possible, because I know that once the baby gets here… well, let’s just say that life as I know it will be totally different.  A few weeks ago, the fears of having another miscarriage went away.  I’ve really been able to focus on how excited I am, and that’s a wonderful feeling.

Other than expanding our family, things that I’m looking forward to immediately after childbirth are caffeine, exercise, and not having to pee every 10 minutes.  🙂

T- 6 Weeks

IMG_0300These past couple weeks have been especially tough for me.  Tis the season for seasonal allergies in Texas, and I’m no stranger to suffering from cedar, pollen, and ragweed allergies.  That basically means that my life for the next month or so will involve a stuffy nose and sinus pain and pressure.  Normally, I take an Advil-like drug to combat my seasonal allergies, but that’s not an option now.  Instead of the “good stuff”, I get saline nasal spray and a box of Kleenex’s finest ultra soft tissues.  Chad finds it disgusting the amount of mucus I’m producing, but he also understands that there’s nothing either of us can do about it right now.

Our baby boy is growing so big and strong!  I can tell that he’s putting on weight and getting ready for his big appearance.  I’ve also noticed that he has increased activity.  With his increased strength, sometimes his kicks and stretches become a little painful.  I wanted a mighty mini, and that’s what we got!

T- 8 Weeks

IMG_0261With all his moving around, I’m starting to wonder if he’s going to hold off for 8 more weeks.  He’s so strong and so active; I joke that he’s going to pull himself out.  I feel like he’ll burst through my belly at any time, but my doctor assures me that he won’t.  I really hope he makes it to his due date; we don’t have any soccer games that weekend, and Chad can take off a week or two from work to help me at home 🙂

I feel really good, but I notice I’m getting tired more easily.  I can tell he’s getting bigger because I have less space to breathe, meaning I feel his feet in my lungs.  And, he’s started kicking when I eat, which is both highly distracting and mildly nauseating… and it doesn’t help my already bad acid reflux.

Other than that, this has been a relatively emotional week for our family.  We suffered a loss of a family member, and it hit Chad and me pretty hard.  We’ve been focusing on the positives, and we both have peace.

T- 9 Weeks

31WeeksNine short weeks left and we finally get to meet our baby boy.  We finally get to be parents!  We are so incredibly excited!  He’s kicking and moving around so much.  I’ve become accustomed to having him in my belly now.  It makes me wonder if I will miss the baby kicking sensation when he’s here… or will I not notice because I don’t have time to notice?  🙂

I’ve had to motivate myself extra hard to workout this week.  With all the extra weight from the baby and being pregnant, I’m finding it hard to move.  Plus, he’s growing so I’ve been so tired and lethargic.  Not to mention, summer in Texas really sucks when you’re pregnant.  We had a nice cold front come through and the temperature dropped to 83!  It’s still funny to me how mid-September is still summer in Texas.

We finally registered… which feels kind of odd.  Our baby boy has been very well planned since before he was conceived, so we were very eager to get everything set up as soon as possible.  We ended up buying the majority of the necessities ourselves, and of course, we had a little help from the grandmas.  Our jogging stroller finally came in, and I’ve been playing with that.  I’m starting to personalize the carseat carrier and diaper bag, too.  Oh, I can’t wait for our baby boy to get here!!!

T- 10 Weeks

IMG_0226Today, we have arrived at 30 weeks pregnant.  Other than waking up a ton at night to pee, we’re doing great.  Our little man has started moving more and more each day.  He’s SO strong; I swear, some of those kicks and punches are going to bust right through my belly!  I’m starting to be able to feel his little feet, knees, and hands through my skin, like, I can tell what they are.  That’s pretty crazy.