Year 4, Day 24

img_9847Big plans!  You were absolutely amazing for Santa this year.  When you saw him, you instantly ran over and gave him the biggest hug.  You asked him for a big, red firetruck and a drill for Christmas.  When we were done with pictures, he gave you a cookie plate for Santa and his reindeer.

Christmas Vacation 

img_4071Way too much happened to keep up with over the Christmas break, so here’s one big post. 🙂

You found out where we keep the food, and you’ve been insatiable.  It was really warm, so we walked outside a bit and wore short sleeves on Christmas day.  You had another doctor visit; no ear infections anymore, and you got your 12 month shots.  You’re sleeping through the night after several days of letting you ‘cry it out’.  You love the cold weather.  And you REALLY love Mexican food!

You made out like a bandit on Christmas, getting presents from the grandmas, aunts & uncles, and cousins.  We also got you some bubble bath and tub toys to make your bath time more fun.  We spent lots of time at the malls… you’re welcome.