Day 233

IMG_2714We’ve decided that you rock the tank tops, buddy.  That’s all we want you to wear now that it’s summer.

Grandma watched you again today, and you did not have an easy day.  You puked all over grandma and pooped on the floor.  Bad Basher!  Not really, but we’re not sure what was making you sick.  I think it might have been your teeth giving you pain and trouble.  But you still slept through the night!

6 Months!

IMG_2155You’re 6 months old today, kiddo! You’re still the happiest boy ever.  In addition to everything from month five, you’ve mastered the following:

  • pull yourself into standing
  • sit supported with your arms
  • you say mama and dada, only kind of on dada
  • more verbal and starting to babble audibly
  • instantly open your mouth for food
  • know what certain images are
  • more flirting, with baby girls and grown women alike

You’ve officially outgrown showering with dad, mainly because dad isn’t strong enough to control you anymore.  You’ve really taken to bath time and love the tub (splashing, of course).  We start your first “My Gym” baby class this weekend (AKA Toddler Crossfit) ; I’m positive that you’re going to be running by the end of the month.  We’ve started you on solids.  You started with stage 1 and now you’re on stage 2.  Mangos are your favorite!  Your allergies are still bad, and you still have a cough and congestion.  The doctor said that it’s not in your lungs, so we don’t have to worry about breathing treatments anymore.

Day 179

IMG_2149This was you flirting with a tall blonde girl on Tuesday.  Stud muffin!

Dad picked you up from school today and ran some errands with you so I could relax.  I’ve not been feeling well 😦 so dad’s helping me a little more than usual.

Your’e almost crawling!  And you’re mostly sitting by yourself.  You figured out how to sit in the shopping cart just fine.  It’s a whole new world at the store now that you can see everything!