img_4936Happy 3rd Thanksgiving, buddy!  You ate like a big boy at the table with everyone this year.  You had turkey and stuffing, potatoes, and a roll.  You were not a fan of mac n’ cheese or the green bean casserole.  We had both grandmas and Aunt KK over for a late lunch.  And then, we watched your favorite… FOOTBALL!   The Cowboys won 🙂

Day 293

IMG_3407Today was a little different than normal.  Grandma picked you up from school so dad and I could go to the Cowboys game.  This was the last preseason home game against the Houston Texans.  It was a whole lot of fun and grandma did a great job, but we missed you.  Dad missed picking you up from school, and I missed putting you to bed.

Day 58

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  Well, you woke up pissed off at 4:30am.  Dad and I were not amused nor happy.  Dad didn’t get to bed until after midnight, and then he got up with you at 4:30.  You didn’t want to eat, and you didn’t have a dirty diaper.  You just wanted to be awake.  And this was after I got up with you at 2:15am… and you kept me awake until after 3:30.  So much for schedule!  I really hope that the rest of the day isn’t all screaming and crying.

Grandma Chapman came over to watch you and get her “grandma fix”.  While you guys were having fun at the house, your dad and I went to Top Golf.  This was my first time hitting golf balls since my lesson earlier in the week, and I didn’t do too bad!  I got to be pretty consistent with hitting the 8, 7, 6, and P irons.  Your dad is having issues with his driver…

We got back to the house about noon and it was almost time to watch the Cowboys.  Grandma needed a little more time with you, so she stayed and watched the game with us.  She also ordered us pizza at half time!  🙂 Cowboys lost, but it was a close game.

We watched some of the Golden Globes, too.  You were in and out of sleep all evening, but after your last bottle at 9pm, it was time to get to bed, which meant missing the rest of the award show.  With your schedule being all messed up, I’m not sure how long you’re going to sleep… we’ll see.

Day 57

IMG_0813We woke up pretty early today, but you still slept the entire night.  We had to be awake at 9am anyway; Chelsea was playing Newcastle at the Bridge.  We ended up winning over Newcastle 2-0 and it tasted like redemption!

After the Chelsea match, we ran some errands.  We had to make a return to Buy Buy Baby, then we went to Carter’s to get you some more clothes, and finally the grocery store.  Once we got home, we put on ESPN and started watching the opinions on the day’s upcoming football games.  We watched the Ravens v. Patriots and then Panthers v. Seahawks.  Both home teams won.  Dad really wants the Cowboys to win in tomorrow’s game, but we’ll have to see.  The Cowboys are playing Green Bay, and that’s a formidable match up.

Day 51

IMG_0769You in the PGA Superstore, not interested.

Sports news: The Dallas Cowboys made it one round closer to the Superbowl.  Next match up is against Green Bay at Green Bay; the first time since 1963.

While we were out, we got you a Bumbo seat.  It’s supposed to be awesome, but you’re still not ready for it.  You have to be able to hold your head up on your own for an extended period of time, which you’re not quite able to do.  We also looked at the bigger car seats… since you’ll be in one of those before we know it.