Year 3, Day 65

img_5529Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows… sometimes we don’t get our way and it makes us mad.  But, it’s SO HARD to say No to this face.


Year 2, Day 122

You’re back to giving mom the business!  You were only good for me when dad was around, and the rest of the time you cried and cried.  I think you’re getting more teeth; you’ve been going to town on that little blue toothbrush we got you.

Year 2, Day 116

Oh dear, we had one of THOSE nights.  We’ve actually had a few of those nights in a row.  You didn’t want to eat, you didn’t want your sippy, you didn’t want to be on the ground.  You cried from the second I got you out of the car seat to the time you hopped in the bathtub.  I really hope your ear infections aren’t coming back.

Year 2, Day 55

img_0659We picked you up from school a little early today and decided to go out to your favorite restaurant, Twin Peaks, for dinner.  In hindsight, that wasn’t the smartest idea we’ve ever had.  Yes, this was the first time that we’ve had to leave a restaurant prematurely because you weren’t having any part of it (as in crying and screaming).  Tonight just wasn’t the night to go out to eat, apparently 🙂

Day 292

IMG_3405You’re as tall as our table, and maybe a little taller… and you love to chew on the Titleist golf balls.

You stayed awake for a little while after getting home, but that didn’t last very long.  By 6:30 you were hungry, cranky, and tired.  You woke up twice crying, but I was able to get you back to sleep pretty quickly.  I hate that you’re in pain from your teeth. 😦