Year 2, Day 225

So, instead of going to My Gym today, we went to the pediatrician and saw Dr. Crow.  She found a green dinosaur in your ear!  It was only a small ear infection, but we got some antibiotics anyway.  Hopefully, this means no more waking up in the 4am hour.


Year 2, Day 116

Oh dear, we had one of THOSE nights.  We’ve actually had a few of those nights in a row.  You didn’t want to eat, you didn’t want your sippy, you didn’t want to be on the ground.  You cried from the second I got you out of the car seat to the time you hopped in the bathtub.  I really hope your ear infections aren’t coming back.

Year 2, Day 104

So, today was your 15 month checkup with the doctor.  You’re 35 inches tall and 28 pounds.  Within the last 3 months, you’ve grown 2 inches and gained 2 pounds.  Since you’re so strong and climbing, the doctor said that we’re not to take our eyes off of you for one second.  You have some fluid in your ears still, but nothing the doctor is concerned about.  We need to start putting Aquaphor on your cheeks to help with the redness/dryness.  When you throw a tantrum, we’re supposed to ignore you.

Year 2, Day 90

You still weren’t feeling yesterday, so we decided not to take pictures.  However, today you were feeling just fine.  Still a little cranky, and a little tired, but not too bad.  You’re starting to get back to your old self, which is really nice.  We’ve been missing your “Basher” personality the last few days.

Year 2, Day 88

Well, you still have ear infections.  Dad picked you up from school today and took you to the doctor.  Another round of antibiotics, lots of children’s Tylenol, and sleep whenever and however much you want.  Looks like cranky-pants is sticking around for a little while…

Year 2, Day 87

No picture today.  You were a little groggy when we picked you up from school.  You had a tiny fever, and your nose was a little runny.  You wouldn’t eat for dad, and you had to be held.  Dad said that when you guys walked in the door, you said “ba-ba” and “mama”.  You all but fell asleep in my arms by 5:30.  No bath, no dinner; just sleep.  And you slept all night without a peep.  This really isn’t like you, buddy.

Year 2, Day 75

I swear that if we didn’t have to give you medicine that we would never know you were sick.  You keep running around, and you’re just a-talking away.  You’re like a little tornado in the mornings, or more like a Tasmanian Devil.  Dad took you into your classroom this morning and you ordered him to ‘go’, ha ha.  You were just fine for me this evening, minus one of two crying fits, but I can make them all better 🙂