Year 3, Day 277

img_8397You, little man, came home yesterday with a fever, and you were complaining that you were really tired.  Today, you’re still a little better…


Year 3, Day 209

You came home from school early today because you were running a fever and telling the teachers that your throat hurts.  I was able to peek inside your little mouth and found that you have 2 more back teeth coming in.  Poor kiddo!

Year 2, Day 87

No picture today.  You were a little groggy when we picked you up from school.  You had a tiny fever, and your nose was a little runny.  You wouldn’t eat for dad, and you had to be held.  Dad said that when you guys walked in the door, you said “ba-ba” and “mama”.  You all but fell asleep in my arms by 5:30.  No bath, no dinner; just sleep.  And you slept all night without a peep.  This really isn’t like you, buddy.

Year 2, Day 22

IMG_3901Day 2 of no fever, and you’re feeling better.  You’re still a whiny little thing, but at least you’re headed in the right direction.

Today, we took you out to eat at Twin Peaks for the first time… you loved it, but not because of the girls.  You liked having 800 TVs to watch at the same time.  You’re just like your father, needing to do at least two things at the same time.  And, you got to ride the carousel at the mall in the afternoon.

Year 2, Day 20

IMG_3890How pathetic is this face?  You were in and out of sleepiness.  You just haven’t been yourself, kiddo.

I was worried that the antibiotics the doctor gave you weren’t working, so I called the doctor to check.  They said to keep doing what we’re doing, but call them tomorrow if you’re not better.  I’m keeping a close eye on you.  You’re still running a fever and you’ve had 3 doses of antibiotics.