9 Months!

IMG_3225_Fotor_CollageWell, here we are; 9 months old!  It feels like it just flew by, and then again, it feels like we’ve known you forever.  Here’s a montage of your first nine month faces.  We’ve gotten a couple really good sour faces, but mainly, you like to smile.

So, milestones:

  • walking, assisted (we call it “creeping”)
  • standing up, holding objects in both hands
  • climbing – stairs, walls, ropes… soon to be climbing out of the crib 😦
  • you say Mama, Dada, and Baba.  We’re trying to teach Hi and Bye
  • you try jumping on your own

You’re wearing 12 – 18 month clothing and we’re looking at getting you a new carseat.  You talk more than ever, you’ve found your tantrum voice, and you flirt more than ever.  You have 2 bottom teeth and I think you’re getting some on top.  Get ready for solid foods!


Day 264

IMG_3158You little flirt, you.  I forgot her name, but she’s from the mobile infants class.  You were gabbing away and jumping up and down to entertain her.  Such a stud!

In addition to walking, you’ve become proficient at crawling on hands and knees, and you’re really fast.  In the time it took me to stand up from sitting, you had crawled a good 20 feet away from me.  You saw mommy’s golf balls on the putting green and you just had to have them!

6 Months!

IMG_2155You’re 6 months old today, kiddo! You’re still the happiest boy ever.  In addition to everything from month five, you’ve mastered the following:

  • pull yourself into standing
  • sit supported with your arms
  • you say mama and dada, only kind of on dada
  • more verbal and starting to babble audibly
  • instantly open your mouth for food
  • know what certain images are
  • more flirting, with baby girls and grown women alike

You’ve officially outgrown showering with dad, mainly because dad isn’t strong enough to control you anymore.  You’ve really taken to bath time and love the tub (splashing, of course).  We start your first “My Gym” baby class this weekend (AKA Toddler Crossfit) ; I’m positive that you’re going to be running by the end of the month.  We’ve started you on solids.  You started with stage 1 and now you’re on stage 2.  Mangos are your favorite!  Your allergies are still bad, and you still have a cough and congestion.  The doctor said that it’s not in your lungs, so we don’t have to worry about breathing treatments anymore.

Day 179

IMG_2149This was you flirting with a tall blonde girl on Tuesday.  Stud muffin!

Dad picked you up from school today and ran some errands with you so I could relax.  I’ve not been feeling well 😦 so dad’s helping me a little more than usual.

Your’e almost crawling!  And you’re mostly sitting by yourself.  You figured out how to sit in the shopping cart just fine.  It’s a whole new world at the store now that you can see everything!

5 Months!

IMG_1763You’re 5 months old today, kiddo!  Where has the time gone?  You’re still the happiest boy ever.  In addition to everything from month four, you’ve mastered the following:

  • respond to your own name
  • explore with hands and mouth
  • transfer objects between hands
  • distinguishes emotions by tone of voice
  • interested in mirror images
  • finds partially hidden objects
  • flirt, with baby girls and grown women alike

While you were with dad at the PGA SuperStore the other day, you met a little girl named Amanda.  You had an entire conversation with her, cooing and babbling.  Your facial expressions are becoming more and more expressive every day.  You’re loving cereal and discovering new sensations with your mouth and hands.  Your allergies are still bad, and you still have a cough and congestion (Spring is not your time of year).  I have a feeling that you’re going to be sitting, crawling, and almost walking within a couple weeks!

Day 148

IMG_1757Busy, busy, busy!  Let’s see what we did today.  You woke up at 4am, hungry, so that was an earlier than anticipated start to our day.  Dad played a round of golf with Uncle Justin and then brought us lunch (brought me lunch).  We went to Dick’s, Macy’s, another Macy’s, J.Crew, Sonic, Target, and Old Navy.  You were a champ the whole day and so good!  Only, I caught you looking around at ladies too many times, you flirt.

Once we got home, we were pretty much in for the night.  We watched the Masters, and it was so good.  I know, I can’t believe I’m saying that golf is entertaining, but it was.  Don’t worry, we’ll let you play golf with dad 🙂