Year 4, Day 118

img_0714We came to Play Street Museum today for a birthday party.  I remember the first time we came here and you were barely old enough to play and explore… now, you’re into everything and we can just turn you loose.


Year 4, Day 111

img_0671You had a birthday party today, which was the highlight of the day.  But we also went to Jungle Joes in the afternoon.  You just loved Jump Zone!

Year 4, Day 105

img_0531Sunday Funday with mom at Jungle Joe’s while Daddy plays in a card tournament.  Daddy did really well and ended up staying later than he expected.  We spent a total of 3 hours at Jungle Joe’s playing with all the kids!  Your favorite was when we got to eat supper; you had to tell Daddy about that when he got home.