Year 3, Day 263

img_8189You’re feeling a litt better, and you had a good day at school today.  Dinner time and night time were awesome, but bath time was a little rough.


Day 63

IMG_0863My poor baby got shots today!  You had your two month check up with the pediatrician, and you got three more vaccines this visit.  You cried a little with the shots, but as soon as I picked you up and held you, you were just fine.  Look at you being a trooper, showing those shots who’s BOSS!  Oh, and you’re “off the charts” big.  15 pounds and 25.3 inches!

You didn’t go back to school after the doctor; you stayed home with me so I could love on you.  And you needed it.  You were fussy the rest of the day 😦 You were just talking away, too.  And a little more grabby than normal.  But you slept the entire night again!