Year 3, Day 141

img_6605We had a nice morning indoors because it was raining.  Dad ventured out and got us a new rug, though!


Year 2, Day 19

IMG_3889Grandma came over today to help me because Dad was in Nashville.

You’re still running a fever and you’re still cranky.  Grandma brought you a present, though.  A Batmobile to go with your Gotham City Play set!

Thanksgiving Day!

IMG_3864Today is Thanksgiving, aka your first full day with mom and dad of a long holiday weekend.  I think by Sunday, you’re going to be ‘over it’… meaning ‘over us’.  Grammy and Aunt KK came over around 1 and we had Thanksgiving lunch/dinner.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans, mac & cheese, and rolls.  Aunt KK made Butterfinger cheesecake and pumpkin pie for dessert.  SO GOOD!  Your favorite food was mashed potatoes.  You made an absolute mess with the turkey, green beans, and roll.

You love the Gotham City Play Set from Pottery Barn Kids!  The full play set isn’t here yet, but you’re all about the Batman characters.