Year 3, Day 85

img_5690You had so much fun with Gaga today!  Not Lady Gaga, whom we later watched on TV as she was performing the Super Bowl halftime show.  Amazing, but I digress.  You played with grandma inside, ate, and took your nap.  Then you played outside with sidewalk chalk.  You colored on paper bags to make silly faces, and you danced around with them on your hands to music videos on TV.


img_4936Happy 3rd Thanksgiving, buddy!  You ate like a big boy at the table with everyone this year.  You had turkey and stuffing, potatoes, and a roll.  You were not a fan of mac n’ cheese or the green bean casserole.  We had both grandmas and Aunt KK over for a late lunch.  And then, we watched your favorite… FOOTBALL!   The Cowboys won 🙂

Day 4

IMG_0409Monday, 11/17/14, started off much better.  Grandma Chapman went to the store to get some much needed supplies, like vaseline for your circumcision and food for mom and dad.  Mom and dad like to eat fresh food, so most everything we had in our fridge had expired by the time we came home.

You seem to be on a pretty good schedule; we change your diaper, you eat, then you sleep.  About 3 hours later, we repeat.  You eat very well and don’t have any trouble latching on to the bottles.  Similac will build you nice and strong 🙂

Dad is feeling much better and constantly takes pictures of you.  We didn’t do anything today; we stayed in the house where it was nice and warm.  You love your bouncer that Pedro and Paula got you.