Year 3, Day 288

img_8420I completely forgot… Guess who got a haircut yesterday?  You did!  You still have long, blonde, wavy locks, but now you don’t look like such a hobo.  😀  You did NOT want to go to sleep tonight, but you stayed on the couch so quietly with us and ended up falling asleep in Daddy’s arms.


Day 126

IMG_1576Time to catch up on the blogging. We had such a full weekend, starting with Friday.  Although, we stayed at home on Friday.

You’re getting more and more hair each day.  It makes us so happy!  We think your hair texture is going to be just like mine.

You are still the happiest baby boy.  You wake up happy, you’re happy all day at school, and you’re happy at home.

The song, Uptown Funk, is your favorite right now.

Day 82

IMG_1088“Hey Ma, look Ma, are you looking at me?  I’m smiling at you!”  You’re such a ham.  And then, you look at me all confused, as if to say, “You stopped looking at me so you could look at your phone and take pictures… why?”  These are important images and moments, kiddo, and I want to capture every single one.  I have a feeling that my memory will always be the eidetic, steel trap that it is today (yeah, right), but what about your memory?  Right now, I would be surprised if you could remember what you had for lunch.  Here’s a hint; it’s liquid and a milky color 🙂

Yep, definitely a growth spurt, kiddo.  You sleep all night long and you’re eating more than you have in the past.  You’re also getting stronger every day, learning more about balance, coordination, and grip.  Now, if we could only get your hair to grow and fill out like your dad’s…

Day 50

IMG_0766You’re officially over the 7 week mark!  You’re almost 2 whole months old!  So crazy!  It’s going by so fast.

We went to Top Golf again today.  The one by our house was on an hour wait, so we went to the one in Allen, just a little further away.  We had a great time.  I renewed my player’s card and got to hit some balls, too.  Dad was really patient with me and gave me lots of good pointers.  There were some times when all I hit was the air, but I was able to laugh it off.  It’s important in life to be able to laugh at yourself.  Golf was really fun today; it might become my hobby.

Grandma Chapman came over tonight and kept you company while your dad and I ran to get our hair cut.  Dad and I both see the same stylist, so it takes a while.  If you’re anything like your dad (and I’m sure you will be), you’ll have really thick hair and have to get it cut every two weeks.  You’re already starting to develop your dad’s hair patterns, with the cowlicks and swirls.  We call that “pretty people problems”.  We also stopped and had dinner at Fuzzy’s, which you haven’t been to since you were 2 weeks old.  Don’t worry, they have plenty of food and it will be there when you’re ready.

Your Birthday

IMG_0361So kiddo, now this blog is just for you and will be addressed to you from here on out.  Today was your birthday, 11/13.  I have to say that your dad and i aren’t really excited about having your birthday on the 13th for the simple fact that every few years it will be a Friday the 13th… but whatever; we’ll live with it.  Not like we can change it now 🙂

The events of your birth were pretty scary for me; your dad can fill you in on some details that are fuzzy for me.  After having contractions consistently since 1am, we arrived at the hospital around 10:30am.  I was in so much pain from the contractions that I was crying all morning.  I don’t remember much about getting to the hospital and getting situated in the labor and delivery room because of the pain and crying.  I can tell you for certain that we got to the room, I got hooked up to monitors, my doctor ordered some drugs, and I started to feel better.  The short, short version of how you were born is simple: after a full day of drugs not working to speed up the labor process, we all (me, dad, and the doctor) decided that a cesarian would be the best option to keep everyone healthy.  So, that’s what we did.  You were born just a few minutes after we made that decision.

You weren’t as big as we thought you would be, but you were still pretty big.  8 lbs. 10 oz. and 22″ long.  You were almost 2 feet tall at birth!  The first thing I said when I saw you for the first time was, “He has a full head of hair”!  Your dad and I were really hoping that you would take after him with the hair (your mom was bald until she was over 2 years old).  You also had huge feet with long toes, long arms, big hands with long fingers and fingernails, dimples, blue eyes, no jaundice, and pale pink skin.  You cried to prove that your lungs were healthy… and that you didn’t like the cold (of course it was freezing in the operating room).  Once you were out, they stamped your feet to complete your birth certificate, they put your feet imprints on your dad’s scrubs shirt, then they took you away to the nursery to get cleaned off.  Once I was back in the room and alert, the hospital staff brought you to me and I fell in love.  Your dad and I were so proud to be your parents, and we gushed over you all night long!  Your grandmothers were there to welcome you into the world, and so was your Aunt Karin.  That’s about where my fuzziness kicks in, so Dad will have to fill you in on anything I missed.