Year 4, Day 41

img_0061We decided to go for the pony tail today.  You rocked it!


Year 3, Day 288

img_8420I completely forgot… Guess who got a haircut yesterday?  You did!  You still have long, blonde, wavy locks, but now you don’t look like such a hobo.  😀  You did NOT want to go to sleep tonight, but you stayed on the couch so quietly with us and ended up falling asleep in Daddy’s arms.

Day 126

IMG_1576Time to catch up on the blogging. We had such a full weekend, starting with Friday.  Although, we stayed at home on Friday.

You’re getting more and more hair each day.  It makes us so happy!  We think your hair texture is going to be just like mine.

You are still the happiest baby boy.  You wake up happy, you’re happy all day at school, and you’re happy at home.

The song, Uptown Funk, is your favorite right now.