T- 4 Days and Counting

IMG_0339Four short days away from our due date, and NOTHING!  We’re walking between 4 and 6 miles a day, and our baby boy hasn’t even dropped yet.  So annoying!  Our next appointment is in two days, and I better be more than 1cm dilated.  I feel like our freaking huge baby is going to just take up a permanent residence inside my belly and grow up there.  UGH!  I signed up to have a baby; not a siamese twin!

T- 7 Days and Counting

Our baby’s official due date is 11/14, which is 7 days from today.  I would say that the countdown starts now, but let’s be honest; this whole blog is dedicated to the countdown and our baby’s arrival.  I know that only a handful of babies are actually born on their due dates, but I can only hope that our little guy decides to come on his due date… or before; we’d be totally cool with that, too!  Based on the news we received from the doctor this week, I shouldn’t hold my breath for an on-time arrival.  My body isn’t exhibiting any signs of early labor, and our baby doesn’t seem to be ready to make his entrance yet.  We’re just not ready… ugh.  Meanwhile, all his vitals are good and so are mine, so we really can’t complain.  Our little mighty mini is getting bigger by the day; so much so that I’ve noticed that I finally have stretch marks.  BOO!

Chad and I have started walking about 2 miles a day (or more) to encourage the labor process.  With the time change and inclement weather, we’re limited to indoor walking, like at the mall and IKEA.  I’ve come to loathe both places simply because we spend so much time there.  And the people/mall patrons suck at life.  I noticed that my ankles were swelling when we were walking and afterward, but that seems to be getting better now.  I suppose I’m getting used to the long walks.  That’s something that we can continue as a family after our son is born (hopefully outside, in nice weather, with fresh air, and less assholes).

Chad has recently been inducted into a mountain bike racing team/club, Bearded Women Racing.  I’m very proud of him and all that he’s accomplished, especially in such a short period of time.  He’s only been riding since April, and I think his first race was in July… or maybe August… I remember it was really hot outside.  His first race with his new team is this weekend, and I finally get to go watch this one!

T- 2 Weeks… Kinda

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSo much has been happening in the last couple weeks; I had a birthday, we saw the doctor twice, and we had a baby shower.  For a lady who’s 9 months pregnant, that’s a lot of things happening all at once 🙂

Seeing the doctor twice consisted of taking the baby’s measurements, and then doing it again.  So, our doctor took the baby’s measurements and came up with 8.1 pounds, meaning that our baby is in the 97% of babies size.  Our doctor said that she generally doesn’t see babies this large, so we set up an appointment with the doctor and the sonographer.  Our follow up appointment showed that our baby got bigger by almost a pound.  SO, that means we’re expecting a 10 pound baby, and our doctor is pretty sure that our baby will stick with me until his due date of 11-14.  Thank god for drugs!

My birthday was a ton of fun.  Chad went to go ride his bike, so he dropped me off at the nail salon.  I love getting pedicures.  Then, he took me to the Melting Pot; one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the world!  Cheese = Heaven!  And I got a new toy; iPad Air!!!  Woohoo!  We also had a separate dinner with Chad’s family; Mexican food, which is always good.

I’ve been playing with all our loot from our baby shower.  I’ve assembled pretty much everything… even if it’s not something that our kid will use immediately.  All his clothes are washed and put away, the nursery is completely set up, all his feeding supplies are organized, the bathroom is ready; yep, we’re all set!

T- 4 Weeks

IMG_0328We’re almost there!  Quite possibly only 4 short weeks to go.  We saw the doctor yesterday for our 34 week check-up; yes, it was a little behind schedule.  But, everything looks normal and great.  We see the doctor again in 5 days for our 36 week check-up, and that’s the fun appointment where we get to see our little baby boy again!  We can’t wait!!!

I’m feeling pretty good, other than the enormous amount of activity coming from my belly at all times.  He’s so SO strong!  He makes it difficult for me to eat when he’s extremely active.  I’m all belly now, and my belly is no longer round.  If you know what to look for, you can tell the exact position of our little guy (which is kind of creepy but awesome at the same time).  I’m taking it easy and keeping my feet up.  I’m relaxing as much now as possible, because I know that once the baby gets here… well, let’s just say that life as I know it will be totally different.  A few weeks ago, the fears of having another miscarriage went away.  I’ve really been able to focus on how excited I am, and that’s a wonderful feeling.

Other than expanding our family, things that I’m looking forward to immediately after childbirth are caffeine, exercise, and not having to pee every 10 minutes.  🙂

T- 6 Weeks

IMG_0300These past couple weeks have been especially tough for me.  Tis the season for seasonal allergies in Texas, and I’m no stranger to suffering from cedar, pollen, and ragweed allergies.  That basically means that my life for the next month or so will involve a stuffy nose and sinus pain and pressure.  Normally, I take an Advil-like drug to combat my seasonal allergies, but that’s not an option now.  Instead of the “good stuff”, I get saline nasal spray and a box of Kleenex’s finest ultra soft tissues.  Chad finds it disgusting the amount of mucus I’m producing, but he also understands that there’s nothing either of us can do about it right now.

Our baby boy is growing so big and strong!  I can tell that he’s putting on weight and getting ready for his big appearance.  I’ve also noticed that he has increased activity.  With his increased strength, sometimes his kicks and stretches become a little painful.  I wanted a mighty mini, and that’s what we got!

T- 8 Weeks

IMG_0261With all his moving around, I’m starting to wonder if he’s going to hold off for 8 more weeks.  He’s so strong and so active; I joke that he’s going to pull himself out.  I feel like he’ll burst through my belly at any time, but my doctor assures me that he won’t.  I really hope he makes it to his due date; we don’t have any soccer games that weekend, and Chad can take off a week or two from work to help me at home 🙂

I feel really good, but I notice I’m getting tired more easily.  I can tell he’s getting bigger because I have less space to breathe, meaning I feel his feet in my lungs.  And, he’s started kicking when I eat, which is both highly distracting and mildly nauseating… and it doesn’t help my already bad acid reflux.

Other than that, this has been a relatively emotional week for our family.  We suffered a loss of a family member, and it hit Chad and me pretty hard.  We’ve been focusing on the positives, and we both have peace.

T- 10 Weeks

IMG_0226Today, we have arrived at 30 weeks pregnant.  Other than waking up a ton at night to pee, we’re doing great.  Our little man has started moving more and more each day.  He’s SO strong; I swear, some of those kicks and punches are going to bust right through my belly!  I’m starting to be able to feel his little feet, knees, and hands through my skin, like, I can tell what they are.  That’s pretty crazy.

T- 11 Weeks

29 Weeks

I have been pregnant for 203 days!  I can hardly believe that.  It feels like a lifetime ago that we suffered so much pain with the loss with the first pregnancy, and then the loss of the second.  I guess the third time really was our charm.  It seems so far in the past when, really, it was only a little over a year ago.  Well, that tells me that my focus is where it needs to be – on the baby boy in my belly.

We’re really starting to finalize all the shopping.  We’re going to register this weekend; it’s one of the things that we’ve been putting off.  We already have so much that we need to start, thanks in part to both moms.  The nursery is done, we have a diaper bag, we have a stroller, we have a carseat… we’re not going to need to register for much.

Last doctor appointment was the glucose screening; I don’t have gestational diabetes!  I was a tad bit anemic, so I have to take iron supplements.  Not bad at all!

I now have to sleep at an incline.  I’ve never had acid reflux before, but I do now.  And it’s not dependent on anything I do… meaning, it’s not caused by what I eat or the frequency, what I drink, or activity.  I’ve tried laying on my right side, and then the left side, but that doesn’t seem to matter, either.  Looks like it’s here to stay until after the baby is born.

We’ve traded in our gym membership for mall walking a few times a week.  I’ve gotten so big that it’s really hard for me to work out like I once did.  Our doctor said that leisurely walking is better than nothing, so we decided to switch up our routine.  Our routine now is: one lap around the mall, stop at the smoothie shop, and second lap around the mall, stopping to look at all the sales on kids clothes and accessories… gotta love the mall.

T- 13 Weeks

27 WeeksWow, our baby is really moving!  I’m sure he’s been moving all this time, but now I’m really starting to feel every kick, punch, and elbow.  I can even see him moving through my skin. The best analogy that I have to this movement comes from the movie Hellboy.  At the end of the movie, Rasputin is about to have Ogdru Jahad unleashed from his body and all the tentacles from the Behemoth start to pulse under Rasputin’s skin.  Okay, okay; so it’s not really that noticeable 🙂  but that’s what I think of every time i start to see my belly move.  Plus, we’ve started to notice that he moves to certain sounds.  He likes the music of Florence + The Machine, string bands (like quartets and violinists), and Rap/Hip Hop that has a good, strong bass.  My husband recently played the Ying Yang Twins, and our boy went wild.  Oh, and since last week, my cute little belly button has started to become an outie… 😦

T- 14 Weeks

26 Weeks

Day 186, but not that I’m counting… I have an app that does that for me.  I giggle every time I say, “there’s an app for that,” because it’s so indicative of the time we live in.  But that’s off topic.  These past couple weeks have been filled with concern for the family dog.  Oh, the dog.  Her name is Ruthie, and she’s 14 (rounding 15), and she’s been mine since 2001 when I rescued her from the Humane Society of North Texas, which was a euthanize shelter at the time.  She’s my first dog.

I understand that dogs are super sensitive to changes.  I’m sure that Ruthie knew I was pregnant way before I knew.  She probably senses that things are a-changing ’round the Recer household… Chad and I are spending more time on the couch (because of me) and with each other, we spend lots of time in the baby’s room getting it ready, and I sleep way more than I used to.  All the hormones from pregnancy probably makes me smell different to Ruthie, too.  I wonder if she can hear the baby kick and move around in my belly…  

After Sedona, we picked up Ruthie from grandma’s house and life continued as normal.  But Ruthie wasn’t eating like she normally had (she’s a bloat eater), and that was odd.  Then, her eating slowed even further… and then she stopped eating.  She didn’t eat at for about a week after we got back from Sedona.  Chad finally made her cheesy scrambled eggs, and she ate them with some coaxing.  Really, we had to coax our dog to eat people food.  I was right behind her watching her eat the eggs, and then she stopped and looked at me.  I told her to keep eating, but she just started shaking.  Chad picked up the eggs and hand-fed her, which she liked and ate.  Then, I picked up some eggs to feed her by hand… NOPE, she just looked at me and started shaking again.  It was me!

I felt so mad, and upset, and hurt, and confused… it was me who was causing my dog stress enough not to eat.  I cried and cried when I realized that Ruthie wasn’t eating because of me.  I’m not ready for her to die; that would be too much for me to handle while pregnant.  And with all that I’m already worrying about, do I need to worry about my dog, too? 

Well, this story has a happy ending, thankfully.  We switched her food to the very palatable Kibbles n Bits American Griller, which is supposed to taste more like people food.  Chad feeds Ruthie now, and I’m not allowed near the kitchen while she eats.  She still doesn’t eat like she used to, and it might take her a couple days to finish a bowl of food, but at least she’s eating!!!